Gasification is an ever growing market due to the depleting resources of oil and natural gas. Gasification offers an economically attractive alternative for energy and chemicals production based on coal, petcoke and biomass. All these feedstocks are available in abundant amounts and for decades to come. This leads to competetive feedstock and thus products prices.

KEPCO-Uhde Inc. is a technology company which offers ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Former, Uhde)’s PRENFLO PSG (PRENFLO with Steam Generation) gasification process to the market. The main business areas are global gasification projects for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) plants. However, KEPCO-Uhde’s gasification technology is a flexible process suitable for a wide range of other products. Also polygeneration plants featuring a range of different products are fully supported.

The KEPCO-Uhde process is able to handle a variety of feedstocks including low cost low rank coal.
KEPCO-Uhde offers licenses, Basic Engineering Packages (BEP) and technology services to its customers. Furthermore, KEPCO-Uhde is active in technology development of its process.

KEPCO-Uhde is a joint venture between KEPCO, the largest utility in South Korea, and Germany based ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, one of the largest technology-driven EPC contractors. The company has been in operation since July 2011. KEPCO-Uhde Inc. is poised to build together with KEPCO the largest IGCC power plant and become a global front runner in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, Synthetic Natural Gas and Carbon Capture Sequestration which are strong in economics, efficiency and environment-friendliness.