IGCC plants for electric power generation

Strength of IGCC

The figures show the average environmental data for operation of the Puertollano plant with natural gas and petroleum coke/coal for the year 2006, and in addition the permissible limits under EU legislation.

IGCC technology allows for more effective CO2 removal and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) applications than conventional power plants with post-combustion CO2 removal.

KEPCO-Uhde Inc. is poised to build the largest IGCC power plant with KEPCO and is aiming to become a global front runner in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle and Carbon Capture Storage which are strong in economics, efficiency and environment-friendliness. The sizes of these days IGCC plants with one PSG gasifier are in the range of 300 to over 450 MW net electricity production depending on customers needs. KEPCO-Uhde together with KEPCO and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions aim their joint R&D to develop highly efficient IGCCs with an output of approx. 500 MW from one gasifier.