IGCC plants for electric power generation

comparision with conventional plants

Solid feedstocks, such as coal, will continue to play an important role in power generation for the foreseeable future. Integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) technology offers an ideal method for cost effectively producing power from these feedstocks while offering substantial environmental benefits over other power generation technologies, such as reducing CO2, SOx, NOx and particles emissions. The environmental benefits can be improved even further by adding biomass materials to the feedstocks.

The supply and disposal flows of a conventional power plant are compared with those of an IGCC plant (see above). This comparison clearly shows how efficient and environment-friendly IGCC plants are.

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions has designed and built PRENFLO® (PSG) gasification technology using a mixture of high-sulphur petroleum coke and high-ash Spanish coal as the feedstock at the world’s largest solid-feedstock-based IGCC plant in Puertollano, Spain.

This IGCC plant is based on a highly integrated system in which the total air for the air separation unit is taken from the gas turbine compressor. The plant can be divided into three main parts:

  • the gasification island, comprising the feed preparation unit, the PRENFLO® gasification unit, the air separation unit (ASU).
  • the power block, comprising the gas turbine, the heat recovery steam generator and the steam turbine
  • the gas treatment unit and a sulphur recovery unit