Syngas Applications

The raw gas produced by gasification needs to be treated before it can be used for the production of downstream products, such as SNG, electricity, hydrogen and other chemicals.

There are various process routes available for obtaining the desired syngas composition, which may be a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen or either pure hydrogen or carbon monoxide alone.

Hydrogen, for example, can be used in the refinery industry to achieve lighter and cleaner liquid fuels or for new applications such as fuel cells for power generation or cars.

Hydrogen-rich syngas can be produced via the “sour” CO shift process. In this case, the CO in the raw gas produced by gasification is shifted with steam to form hydrogen and carbon dioxide before the sour gas components are removed.

A number of processes are available for desulphurisation and carbon dioxide removal, such as Genosorb, MDEA, aMDEA and Rectisol.

KEPCO-Uhde’s gasification business is focussed on SNG and electricity production via IGCCs with and without carbon dioxide capture. For the downstream processing KEPCO-Uhde and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions work closely together using ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions’s vast experience in syngas based chemicals plants.