ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions

With more than 2,000 plants to its credit, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Former, Uhde) is one of the world's leading engineering and technology companies in the design and construction of chemical, refining and other industrial plants.

ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions has offices in all four corners of the globe. This worldwide network with over 11,000 employees is active in a number of different fields: fertilisers, electrolysis, gas technologies, oil, coal and residue gasification, refining technologies, organic intermediates, polymers and synthetic fibres as well as coke plant and high-pressure technologies. ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions offers to customers not only cost-effective high-tech solutions in industrial plant construction and the entire range of services associated with an EPC contractor but also comprehensive service packages for the entire life cycle of their plants.

History of ThyssenKrupp, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions’ parent company, spans more than 90 years and its success is built on the combination of vast experience and constant R&D activities to stay with the top of the technology oriented contractors world wide.

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