KEPCO-Uhde Inc. is part of the KEPCO group and is an essential part of the so-called KEPCO Fleet.

The KEPCO Fleet has been established to deliver to customers world wide a one stop package solution for gasification based IGCC and SNG plants. The KEPCO Fleet consists of KEPCO, KEPCO E&C (a strong and experienced engineering company in the energy sector), KEPCO KPS (a strong and experienced maintenance company), the electricity producing daughter companies of KEPCO, Korean manufacturing and engineering companies, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Former, Uhde) and last but not least KEPCO-Uhde itself.

The figure below illustrates that the fleet delivers complete project solutions to customers. This includes EPC for the complete plants as well as solutions for financing and the operation of the plant. KEPCO-Uhde delivers the gasification technology for the projects and is the marketing and sales representative of the KEPCO Fleet.