CEO's Message

Welcome to the website of KEPCO-Uhde.
KEPCO-Uhde is a joint venture established by the global leading companies, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Former, Uhde). We, as an engineering company, successfully combine ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions original technology of commercial-scale advanced Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and KEPCO’s business experiences as a world-class utility company. Such a strong combination enables us to be ready to emerge as a frontrunner in the global gasification market, which has a full potential for growth in the near future.

Upon entering the 21st century, the world has been witnessing catastrophic natural disasters caused by climate change. There is no doubt that the culprit was rapid and excessive industrialization that led to surging carbon dioxide emissions. In an effort to prevent such natural disasters, governments around the world have set out to take necessary measures and sooner or later, a tighter international regulation on carbon dioxide emissions is expected to take effect. Oil resources are becoming scarcer, failing to become a reliable source of energy supply and the price of oil is forecasted to skyrocket. It is in this regard that we must secure a reliable source of sustainable and eco-friendly energy for our survival.

IGCC is a highly-efficient power generation technology that involves gasification of coal – its reserves are still abundant worldwide – to use it as a feedstock. Moreover, as carbon dioxide capture is easier in the gasification process, the process is environmentally-friendly and highly-efficient considering that it solves both energy and environmental problems at once. The global IGCC market is expected to become at least 250GW in scale and W300 trillion (approximately $260 billion) in value by 2030. Also, as demand for natural gas increases, demand for synthetic natural gas (SNG) produced by gasification will increase day by day. Another interesting options are polygeneration concepts where multiple products are produced from gasification. This allows for tailor-made solutions depending on the market requirements.

Now, with our innovative thinking and indomitable spirit, KEPCO-Uhde will go the extra mile to increase the competitiveness of coal gasification original technology and become a global top engineering company in the global gasification market.

KEPCO-Uhde Inc   CEO  Jung-Ho Lee