Company Introduction

KEPCO-Uhde Inc. is a technology company which offers ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions (Former, Uhde)’s PRENFLO® PSG (PRENFLO® with Steam Generation) gasification process to the market. The main business areas are global gasification projects for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) plants.

KEPCO-Uhde offers licenses, Basic Engineering Packages (BEP) and technology services to its customers. Furthermore, KEPCO-Uhde is active in technology development of its process.

KEPCO-Uhde is a joint venture between KEPCO, the largest utility in South Korea, and Germany based ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, one of the largest technology-driven EPC contractors. The company has been in operation since July 2011. KEPCO-Uhde Inc. is poised to build together with KEPCO the largest IGCC power plant and become a global front runner in Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle, Synthetic Natural Gas and Carbon Capture Sequestration which are strong in economics, efficiency and environment-friendliness.


KEPCO has 66 % share of the joint venture which are distributed between KEPCO itself (45 %) and the 5 power generation companies of KEPCO, KEPCO E&C as well as KEPCO KPS with 3 % respectively. ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions is holding 34 %.

KEPCO is a top class utility & engineering company in the world which is not only the largest electricity producer in South Korea but also expanding its business overseas. ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions is a globally recognized technology oriented EPC contractor for the chemical industry which holds essential know how in gasification technology.